Text Box: Marine Technology

Text Box: The general strategy followed by the group in Marine Technology has been to develop modelling capabilities in particular marine systems. In wave energy systems the approach has been to develop full modelling capabilities of the systems from resource assessments and basic hydrodynamics to control systems and from basic design studies including feasibility and economics to the completion of prototypes in demonstration projects. In ship hydrodynamics the approach was to develop, in close cooperation with MARIN, CFD codes for the numerical simulation of viscous flows around ships and potential flows around propellers. It is expected that significant spin-off activities into the ocean energy field will result from the experience gained with the ship hydrodynamics research. The current objective for the group is to continue the development of its modelling capabilities and through deeper integration of its experience develop a set of products for numerical hydrodynamic modelling of wave-structure interaction that could bring the MARETEC research services in the technology area to a higher level.
The following highlights the main achievements of MARETEC in the fields of marine technology.
         MARETEC had a leading role in the creation and development of the Wave Energy Centre (WavEC), which presently associates 11 companies from different sectors (energy, industry and consultants) and 3 research and development institutes and involves a staff of seven people. 
         The strong involvement of the Centre in the quantification of numerical uncertainty in CFD, culminating in the organization of two international workshops.
         The continuation of the cooperation with MARIN in the development of CFD codes for resistance and propulsion. These codes are being used in MARIN services to the industry.